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Giving back to organizations to help make the world a better place.
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Working together to make an impact.


Andrew cares deeply about the community around him. That’s why Andrew supports various initiatives that help make the world a better place. The two core initiatives Andrew supports are the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Reforestation Project.

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Giving kids the care they need.

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals works with 170 children’s hospitals in Canada and the U.S. Their mission is to provide support for paediatric hospitals so that they can provide critical care, accelerate recoveries, and ultimately get kids back to living the childhoods they deserve.

Many of the children that the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital supports deal with trauma, diabetes, and cancer. Contributions go towards supporting research, education, special programs, and proper equipment that directly improve children’s lives.

Each year, Andrew donates a portion of every pay cheque to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When donations are made, they are distributed to hospitals directly in the community or to a hospital of choice. Andrew is passionate about supporting those around him, and as a father himself, he deeply empathizes with wanting children to have the best childhoods possible.

Working to restore our ecosystem.

The Reforestation Project is an initiative designed to work with local communities to restore forests, restore ecosystems, and help mitigate climate change. These communities benefit from the strategic placement of the trees, beautifying and enhancing the usability of public outdoor green spaces.

Each year, realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and builders in the local real estate community donate both time and money to reforest Lambton County. As a part of this project, Andrew also helps select a unique project each year that works with local communities to plant trees.

For the organization’s first project, Andrew and the local real estate community are teaming up with the City of Sarnia to plant trees and benches along the newly planned active transport route that connects the Afton Drive area to downtown Sarnia.

Reforestation Project

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